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Here, we have compiled various papers written by ELAR depositors about their collections and issues concerning archiving on a theoretical level. The Archiving Guides provide a window into depositors’ materials, research backgrounds, and documentation projects. The papers on archiving video, open access, and public access provide discussion on the importance of these topics.

Archiving guides

Caballero, Gabriela. 2017. Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) language description and documentation: a guide to the deposited collection and associated materials.

Franjieh, Michael. 2019. The languages of northern Ambrym, Vanuatu: A guide to the deposited materials in ELAR. Language Documentation & Conservation 13.

Oez, Mikael. 2018. A Guide to the Documentation of the Beth Qustan Dialect of the Central Neo-Aramaic Language Turoyo. Language Documentation & Conservation 12.

Salffner, Sophie. 2015. A guide to the Ikaan language and culture documentation. Language Documentation & Conservation 9.


Archiving video

Seyfeddinipur, Mandana & Rau, Felix. 2020. Keeping it real: Video in language documentation. Language Documentation & Conservation 14.


Public Access and Open Access

Seyfeddinipur, Mandana, Felix Ameka, Lissant Bolton, Jonathan Blumtritt, Brian Carpenter, Hilaria Cruz, Sebastian Drude, Patience L. Epps, Vera Ferreira, Ana Vilacy Galucio, Brigit Hellwig, Oliver Hinte, Gary Holton, Dagmar Jung, Irmgarda Kasinskaite Buddeberg, Manfred Krifka, Susan Kung, Miyuki Monroig, Ayu’nwi Ngwabe Neba, Sebastian Nordhoff, Brigitte Pakendorf, Kilu von Prince, Felix Rau, Keren Rice, Michael Riessler, Vera Szoelloesi Brenig, Nick Thieberger, Paul Trilsbeek, Hein van der Voort, & Tony Woodbury. 2019. Public access to research data in language documentation: Challenges and possible strategies. Language Documentation & Conservation 13: 545-563.


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