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How to use the archive

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  • How ELAR is organized
  • How to register, log in, and request access
  • How to find materials and collections
  • How to use the interactive world map



Archive Structure

The archive is organized into a series of individual collections. A collection consists of bundles and each bundle contains a group of files. Files are bundled together in this way because they are all related to one particular event, whether they are pictures, transcriptions, and/or translations of recordings.

You can access collections, bundles, and files by clicking on the thumbnail images within the archive. There, you can either view the content of each file in a preview box or you can download the file depending on access level restrictions.


Accessing Materials 

ELAR has three graded levels of access for every file, bundle, and collection that specifies who can access any given materials:

  • OOpen to be accessed by anyone browsing the archive
  • U – Accessible by registered Users
  • S – Restricted to Subscribers who have requested and been granted access

In order to become a registered user, click HERE. Registering with ELAR is free and only takes a few minutes. Once you agree to the archive’s Terms and Conditions and confirm your email, you will be able to log in to stream or download most of ELAR’s resources.

Click the button below to request access to a Subscriber restricted collection, bundle, or file:

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