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Baga Mandori Archive


Language Baga Mandori
Depositor Frank Seidel
Affiliation University of Florida
Location Guinea
Collection ID 0402
Grant ID PD-50029-13
Funding Body National Endowment for the Humanities
Collection Status Collection online
Landing Page Handle


Summary of the collection

Language documentation of Baga Mandori with focus on a dictionary.


Group represented

Baga Mandori is native to most inhabitants of Dobali and Kalagba districts, Kanfarandé, a sub-prefecture of Boké, Guinea, West-Africa. During my research, many speakers when asked about the language(s) they spoke, referred to this language variety by the generic term “Baga”, without further specification.


Collection contents

The uploading process of contents is ongoing. I have not yet managed to upload all material. Once the uploading activity has reached completion I will include more comments on the contents.


Collection history

The material collected for this collection was recorded during a single field research trip that took place from January to May 2014. A second field research trip was planned for the spring of 2015. This could not be carried out due to the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Funding for this project was graciously granted by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).


Acknowledgement and citation

To refer to any data from the collection, please cite as follows:

Seidel, Frank. 2013. Baga Mandori Archive. Endangered Language Archives. Handle: Accessed on [insert date here].

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