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Documentation of Kainji languages

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Language Kainji
Depositor Stuart McGill
Affiliation School of Oriental and African Studies
Location Nigeria
Collection ID 0145
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Collection Status Collection online
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Summary of the collection

This collection is the outcome of a research project surveying many the Kainji languages. For the languages included, there are recordings of wordlists, images, sociolinguistic information and electronic lexical databases. For some languages, there are also further elicitations, narratives (retellings of the fable “The North Wind and The Sun”), oral histories, and there is one recordings with songs accompanied by a drum.


Group represented

This collection includes recordings of individual speakers of Kainji languages. The Kainji languages are spoken in western-central Nigeria, in Kaduna State, Plateau State, Niger State and Kebbi State.


Language information

This collection contains wordlists and other materials from the following Kainji languages: Cibangi, Cifungwa, Mba, Olleran, Shen, Supana, Tarin, Tiwanyan, Tsucuba, Tsuvaɗi, Tugurmana, Turogo, Turubo, Tusagamuku, Tuwaga, Tuzubazuba, Twesham, Udgwamhyu and Udwuri.


Collection contents

For languages in this collection, there are recordings and lexical databases for three wordlists: Dettweiler’s 228-item Wordlist, the RB 600-item Wordlist, and RB 700-word list. In addition, there are oral histories, narratives, images of consultants, landscapes, villages, and material culture as well as sociolinguistic information. The wordlists and texts have been described and analysed in Toolbox dictionaries. For some languages, there are additional follow-up elicitations.


Collection history

This survey of Kainji languages was carried out by Stuart McGill and Roger Blench in 2011.


Other information

This collection builds on the Cicipu collection by Stuart McGill available at ELAR at


Acknowledgement and citation

To refer to any data from the collection, please cite as follows:

McGill, Stuart. 2012. Documentation of Kainji languages. Endangered Languages Archive. Handle: Accessed on [insert date here].

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