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Chorote-Spanish dictionary


Language Iyojwa’ja (Chorote)
Depositor Nicholas Drayson
Affiliation ASocIANA (Acompa├▒amiento Social de la Iglesia Anglicana del Norte Argentino)
Location Argentina
Collection ID 0080
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Collection Status Collection online
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Summary of the collection

Diccionario Iyojwa’ja ‘Lij – Kilay ‘Lij (Chorote-Spanish Dictionary).


Group represented

Chorotes in Salta Province (Argentina) – Matako-Mataguayo language family, hunter gatherers in Chaco semi arid tropical forest.


Collection contents

Introduction; Wordlist, giving reference to class of word, variations of meaning, plural and feminine forms, cross-references, cultural clarifications, examples of usage, alternative grammatical forms, scientific classification; Appendices – grammar outline; place-names; neighbouring languages; geographical data.


Collection history

These materials were collected over two periods of six years, as part of a project to provide bilingual educational materials and translations. The author lived almost continually with the Chorote people during this time.


Acknowledgement and citation

The author is happy for data to be used for fieldwork or other research provided it is credited.

To refer to any data from the collection, please cite as follows:

Drayson, Nicholas. 2010. Chorote-Spanish dictionary. Endangered Languages Archive. Handle: Accessed on [insert date here].

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