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Linguistic data of Sou Amana Teru


Language Sou Amana Teru
Depositor Simon Musgrave
Affiliation Monash University
Location Indonesia
Collection ID 0023
Grant ID MDP0009
Funding Body ELDP
Collection Status Collection online
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Summary of the collection

This collection consists of audio recordings with metadata of speakers of Sou Amana Teru, spoken on Ambon Island, Indonesia, resulting from fieldwork conducted between January 2003 and June 2005.


Group represented

Tulehu, Tial and Tengah-tengah villages, Maluku Province, Indonesia


Language information

Sou Amana Teru, TLH (Ethnologue code), (Bahasa) Tulehu, Bahasa Tiga-T, Bahasa Uli Solemata. Language spoken in north east of Ambon Island, main speech community is in the villages of Tulehu, Tial and Tengha-tengah. Also known as (bahasa) Tulehu. Name means ‘language of three villages’


Collection contents

The collection comprises over 20 audio files, together with metadata about the recording sessions.

Genres include discourse, dialect surveys and elicitation. Topics include garden stories and word lists.

Participants have been anonymised on this deposit homepage. See also “Acknowledgement” below.


Other information

Sou Amana Teru – which means ‘language of three villages’ – is spoken in the north east of Ambon Island, in the villages of Tulehu, Tial and Tengha-tengah. The language is also known as (Bahasa) Tulehu.


Acknowledgement and citation

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