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Inari Saami language documentation


Language Inari Saami
Depositor Ida Toivonen
Affiliation Carleton University
Location Finland
Collection ID 0017
Grant ID
Funding Body British Academy
Collection Status Collection online
Landing Page Handle


Summary of the collection

The data consists of elicitation sessions with a number of informants. There are three primary informants. Much of the material is elicitation, i.e., “how do you say X in Inari Saami”. However, there are also some Q&A sessions in Inari Saami, some conversations among Saami speakers, some songs and stories, etc.


Group represented

Inari Saami


Collection contents

Currently, the collection consists of audio files only. Transcriptions will be added to the collection when they are available.

Consult the metadata file for information on the contents of specific files.

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