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Resources for Language Documenters and ELAR Depositors

The Depositors’ Resource Collection contains many useful resources for language documenters, whether you are planning to deposit your project’s collection with ELAR or somewhere else.


The Data Preparation bundle and the Metadata Creation bundle contain resources that are likely to be of interest to language documenters in general.

These bundles contain materials on the following topics of general interest for language documenters:

  • Data Management: how to manage files systematically and choose sustainable file formats
  • ELAN Fundamentals: how to create time-aligned transcriptions and translations in ELAN
  • FFmpeg Basics: how to extract audio and convert video using FFmpeg
  • ELAN-FLEx-ELAN: how to export transcriptions and translations from ELAN and import them into FLEx, and how to export interlinearizations from FLEx back into ELAN
  • FLEx Project Set Up and Settings: how to create a new project in Fieldworks Language Explorer and how to configure the language and writing system settings for a project
  • FLEx Lexicon Basics: how to add and edit lexical entries in FLEx, add multimedia, and export the lexicon in various formats
  • Lameta: how to create consistent, quality metadata with Lameta
  • SayMore and Basic Oral Language Documentation: how to use SayMore to segment recordings and create oral transcriptions and translations that can be exported to ELAN
  • IPA Input: how to choose a Unicode font and input IPA and other special symbols using Keyman

This collection is always growing and being updated, so check back soon for more resources!


For ELAR Depositors, we provide comprehensive documentation on the uploading process in the bundle called Depositing with ELAR (available here). If you have not already been in touch with ELAR, please email us to tell us more about your collection and to learn more about the whole archiving process.

For more information about archiving with ELAR, check out these blog posts:

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